Kids on Wheels


Over the summer we got to get out and practice riding our bikes in the morning before it got too hot. The kids really enjoy playing on wheels, be it a bike, skateboard, stroller, you name it. Now that it is starting to cool of, here in Central Texas, we are starting to finally get outside to enjoy ourselves a little more.That means that kids can play on their bikes in the yard and any time we can supervise them in the street.

Last Monday was Labor Day in the U.S., so before we headed out for a little gathering, we went for a family bike ride. Or a family walk to a local parking lot that included bikes.

Isa is still using training wheels but I think she will be wanting to take them off soon. She still likes to ride it like a three wheeler, where you can keep your feet up at all times. Once she gets comfortable putting her feet down she will be free of the training apparatus.

Eli is starting to get the hang of riding his bike, he still had a lot to learn about balance and basic physics, but he has figured out that the faster you go the more control you have. That is big step that keeps a lot of people from learning how to ride bikes and boards of any style for the most part.

I remember having such a hard time getting my skateboard over a *launch ramp as a kid because I was trying to take it slow to protect myself. When in actuality you usually hurt yourself more when you take things slow. At least that is what I learned over the years. The worst injuries I received surfing or skateboarding came when I was going slow.  That is with the exception of being hit by other people. A couple of times I got hit by kooks on Stand Up Paddles Boards that caused a lot of damage, but there was nothing I could do in those situations.

The first time I actually took a skateboard off of a launch ramp, and stuck the landing, I was hitting the ramp faster than I ever had up to that point. I had friend come over who knew how to do a couple of basic tricks like a stale-fish and method air.  He hit the ramp going so fast that everything flowed smooth like butter for him. Having the personal challenge of not being able to do something my friend could, I finally hit the ramp going as fast as I could. I was really expecting to hurt myself pretty bad, but something amazing happened, I instead launched into the air, then landed it still moving forward. Not only did I pull it off but I was able to do a little reverse grind to fakey, still one of my go to tricks ;-).

The forward propulsion generated from the speed I acquired kept my shoulders and feet over my board making the trick actually possible. The skateboarders figured this out in the 70’s when they hit the empty pools of L.A. suburbs and started to launch out of them.  Since then surfers have changed the sport of surfing by performing more ticks in the air than on the face of the wave.  And now, Eli is starting to learn what this is all about, the need for speed. (go fast, not breaking bad speed)



*launch ramp: For those who don’t know, launch ramps are quarter pipes without a deck or coping and you use them to “launch” you. They’re also good for a make shift wall ride behind your local supermarket

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