Isabel’s First Birthday

Oh boy we have a one year old on our hands! It is hard to believe that a year ago we were waiting the in the hospital to meet her and yesterday we were having her first birthday party. I know that I say this way to often… but time does fly when you are having fun. We had some friends over for a pool/birthday party yesterday afternoon and had a wonderful time. We started the party at around 1 in the afternoon and wrapped everything up around sunset.

Eli was unfortunately feeling under the weather with this head cold/flu that we have been passing around the family, but thankfully he was in good enough spirits to play with his friends and enjoy his little sisters b-day party.

In typical party fashion Lyndsey went all out making a great cake, menu and festive party house for everyone to enjoy. Even balancing a sick kid and one year old, I must admit it was quite impressive. For snacks we had salsa, guacamole, ceviche and pork tenderloin that our friend Conejo prepared.

1st Birthday

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Cake Time

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