Introducing Riley Mae

new baby

Last Saturday morning Lyndsey woke up and quietly said, “Today is going to be the day.” Forty weeks into her third pregnancy it wasn’t so much of a guessing game as a subtle feeling that she had been there before.

Lyndsey’s mom had come down a couple of weeks earlier to help with the kids and with the arrival of the new little one. This took much of the stress away, knowing that our kids were going to be safe and with someone they loved why we were away at the hospital. With grammy at the house we had time to make sure that everything was packed, our bellys were full and everything was in place before we made the twenty minute drive to the hospital.

baby at cima

Around 7:30 Saturday night we were blessed to meet the third arrival to our little family, Miss Riley Mae. She was smaller than the other two only weighing in at 8lbs 1oz, but still considered a large baby to the nurses that helped with the labor.


We had our baby at Cima Hospital in Escazu and were surprised again by their attention to detail and service. We have heard both good and bad things about this particular private hospital depending upon what treatment you are actually seeking. For us it was our second time having a baby there. The first one went off without a hitch so we decided to go there again for our next little one.


Everything went as planned with no real complications and we were able to check out of the hospital by 1pm the next day so we could get back to our family to celebrate Riley’s birthday and the rest of fathers day.

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