In the blink of an eye

Wow, time is passing by rather quickly and in the blink of any eye we were through the month of July with a big step into the month of August.

Izzy turned 3 months old yesterday and is still such an overwhelming joy to behold. She has entered into the phase of completely adorable and has already mastered the art of melting her fathers heart. Her full body curling smiles complete with fluttering eyelashes are so spot on that they are almost comical.

Eli is developing into a caring brother and creative little boy. He spends many mornings doing crafts with his mother or going to the beach to watch his daddy surf. In the afternoon if he is not in the pool learning how to hold himself above water he is probably exploring around the yard or learning how to climb on his jungle gym play set.

It is such an exciting time for him as he learns new words and skills daily. Currently he interested in the days of the week and the time of day but this will change into something different as soon as his curiosity finds something else to learn.



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