Holiday Gathering

We decided to have some friends over Saturday night to celebrate Christmas early. Lyndsey made some snacks and some desserts for the festivity. The weather held up, although it was a little cool for Southern California standards. Which means it may have been in the 50’s.
It was nice to visit with everyone, exchange some gifts and play some games. One of the games we played was a name game that Lyndsey’s Dad taught us. Basically you write down a bunch of random names on blank sheets of paper. The names have to be recognizable like Oprah, Mr. T or Super Man. Then each person gets a name taped to their back. For the next 5 minutes – an hour, depending on how good you are at it, you go around asking people Yes and No questions about the name on your back until you can guess who it is. Now normally I am not too much into playing games, but one like this was actually allot of fun. Everyone wished that we had more names so they could keep playing on even after they guessed theirs.

One thought on “Holiday Gathering

  1. Pewee Herman was a tough one for me…
    Probably shouldn’t have been, seeing as I was the one who came up with the names!

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