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We have had another great week down in Puerto Rico. The waves were really good last week so needless to say I was  blessed with a lot of great sessions with waves pushing a few feet over head on some of the better sets. Both Lyndsey and I  have been taking a lot of photos but what I need to sit down and get them on my computer so I can post some.

Cymbidium Orchids

Our friend Josh, who is watching our house sent us some photos of our Cymbidium Orchids that are now in bloom at our house in San Diego while we are away. My grandma gave us these orchids almost a year ago and this is the first time that we have got to see this plant bloom.


There are all kinds of tropical birds, bugs and lizards down here that keep us amused often as we see them living out their daily routines. This morning in front of our friends house in Puerto Rico we caught this tarantula that was trying to get some water from a dog bowl. We put him in a jar for a little bit so that the kids could get a close look.

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