Hacienda Okhra Summer Harvest – First Crops 2014

Tropical Arugula

In the tropics, at least in our region here on the Southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, summer time starts when the rains end at the end of December. This means we get many of our summer time crops planted in November and start getting our first harvest in February. Some items like lettuce and specific herbs we produce all year round, other vegetables in the night shade family, like chilles, and eggplants tend to do a bit better in the summer months, with less rain and humidity.

We also do most of our seed production for our greens and herbs in the summer months so we pick out our healthiest plants and let them grow on until they start seeding.

So far at Hacienda Okhra we are having a bountiful harvest and producing each day in the vicinity of:

  • 10 Kilos of Lettuce/Greens Mix
  • 3 kilos of Arugula
  • 3 Kilos of Romaine lettuce
  • 100 Okra
  • 50 Chile
  • 3 Kilos – mixed herbs i.e; thyme, cilantro, mint etc
  • 5 Kilos mixed other i.e. tomatoes, carrots, radish etc.

tropical corriandor

Lettuce Production

Root Crops

Organic Chille

Japanese Cucumber

Tropical eggplants

Seed Procuction

New Lettuce Greens


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