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Hacienda Ohkra Project

Hacienda Okhra Project

I have been spending more time at the Hacienda Okhra Project trying to get ready for the busy season. We are estimating a production of over 700 heads of lettuce plus another 15 kilos of other veggies i.e., tomatoes, peppers, basil, pickles etc. per week. We hope to increase production and add in an aquaponics station once we get the ball rolling.

Costa Rica

This week we built some new cages for composting at the compost station plus I set up a vermiposting station to start producing out own worm castings.

Hacienda Okhra Project

We also transferred 700 seedlings from the growing trays to the growing station and planted over 1000 seeds of new vegetables that I brought with me from San Diego.

Hacienda Okhra Project

We had one of the workers dig out a few more grow areas where the water drains out from the above grow areas. This way we can utilize all of the nutrients that we can, plus run-off.

Hacienda Okhra Project

Hacienda Okhra Project

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