Week Day Morning

Welcome to our webisode, I think that is what they call it, it might be called a Vlog, short for Video Log, I am really not that sure. I like to look at it is just another dimension to this website, that we have been keeping for almost 10 years now.

As a family we enjoy looking back on our digital journal to laugh at old pictures and watch the old videos. For the kids it is like looking at a family album, only they can do it via any media device. Watching them get excited over the old videos and images inspires me to make more for them. Living in such a beautiful, natural environment that only a select few will ever know exits also inspires me to capture as much of this time of our life as I can. For us, it is capturing memories, we share it with others so that maybe we can inspire them… for what… I don’t know. Maybe to live their lives to the fullest, maybe to appreciate what they have, maybe to confirm that we are indeed crazy. Whatever floats their biscuit.

We are calling the webisode Gringos, kind of like a play on words. We shot this first episode of our webisode, Weekday Morning, on location in the jungles of Costa Rica, where we currently reside. Watch my wife and I try to get our kids ready in the morning and round them up for the bus stop. Just a typical weekday morning with monkeys, wild horses, warm waves and a typical north American family trying to get by in the tropics.

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