Road Trip

Welcome to our second vlog/webisode… or whatever it is they call it. We call it Road Trip, I like to look at is another dimension to our blog, that we have been keeping for a while… some 7-10 years now.

For many, heading into town to get supplies requires a little more than a ten minute drive in any direction. When you live at the end of a dirt road two hours from the nearest ferry to the mainland, another hour in a half commute across a gulf, and another 1-3 hour drive over the mountains and through the woods even the simplest of tasks becomes a two day event at the very least.

See what a typical road trip is like for the Gringos as they make their way to the mainland to visit the US consulate and pick up some supplies why they are out.

This episode of Gringos was shot on location in the jungles on the Southern Nicoya Peninsula and on the roads of Puntarenas Port town in Costa Rica.

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