Grandparent withdraws, the kids are hooked

We just celebrated Thanksgiving with the grandparents and I am pretty sure that the kids are having grandparent withdraws. Kids are so obvious that to call them melodramatic would be an understatement. Three days of a grandparent binge was enough to get them hooked and now we have figure out to wing them until Christmas.

These kids sure do love their grandparents. They do not get to see them that often, so when they do they make up for lost time. This Thanksgiving they got them on the home court advantage, so the excitement level was on 10. Maybe even 11, said with a British accent, if the amp would go that high.

You can see the addiction take shape a couple of days before when they need to be reminded every few hours when Grammy and Grandpa are going to be here. It starts to hit a new level the day of when they stand in the yard for hours waiting for them to show up.

What is not to love about these grandparents. They are easy going, full of joy, gifts, and on some kind of crazy grandparent energy that the kids take full advantage of. While Lyndsey prepped the Turkey, candied the yams and mixed the gravy, Grandpa played chess and Grammy plaid Go Fish, Candyland or whatever other game the girls dragged her into.

One after another the kids would latch on them like they were on a jungle gym at the local park. In between meals, Christmas decorations and board games, we all had a great Thanksgiving that only family could make possible.

It’s been a couple of days and the kids are starting to come down just in time to go back to school. This is holiday season so they are bound get their next grandparent fix soon enough.

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