getting to know the neighbors

brahman cattleAfter nearly two months we thought that we should walk over and introduce ourselves to the neighbors just up the road from us. They look a lot like the neighbors across from the street from us but it turns out they come from a totally different family. We caught them at dinner time which made it easy for us to get to know each other a little better.

brahman cattle costa rica

The most common type of cattle in Costa Rica is Brahman cattle because they have sweat glands. They originated in India and they are better adapted to the tropical climate of Costa Rica. One of our favorite features on the Brahman cattle is their big dopey ears. They look like a combination of the dairy and beef cattle that we are use to in the States and something from a George Lucas film.

We have been laying pretty low the past couple of weeks as we anxiously await the arrival of our little girl. The rain season has finally kicked in and everything around is really starting to turn green.

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