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Lyndsey and I have slowly been putting together our new aquaponics garden system. Aquaponics is is the symbiotic cultivation of plants and aquatic animals in a recirculating environment. Fish waste from the pond/tank accumulates in water as a by-product of keeping them in a closed system. The dirty water becomes high in plant nutrients but in return is bad on the fish.

The plants are grown above the tank in a hydroponic system that gets filled up a few times a day enabling the plants to utilize the nutrient-rich water.  The plants in return take up the nutrients, reducing or eliminating the water’s toxicity for the fish like a tank filter.

The water, now clean, is returned to the tank and the cycle continues. Aquaponic systems do not discharge or exchange water. The systems rely on the relationship between the fish and the plants to maintain the environment. Water is only added to replace water loss from absorption by the plants, evaporation into the air, or the removal of biomass from the system.

We are very excited about our Aquaponic garden pond. In the garden we have tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, tomotillo, basil and mint; and in the pond we have twelve small goldfish, three big goldfish from our fish tank , three Koi and handful of tadpoles of the tree-frog and leopard-frog family. This weekend we are going to pick up some Tilapia that we are going to start raising in the pond. In three months they will be big enough to put on the dinner plate with the vegetables that they helped grow. Yum!

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  1. Howdy Ricky, Lindsey & Eli – I’m cobbling on my website some today and found your blog and pics from my place! Too cool! Thanks for the kind words and write up! :+D My farm is in Valley Center but we live and sell plants from this property here in Imperial Beach…. this is the house my husband grew up in. I’ll be going up for a couple of days to harvest plants again sometime next week. Anyways, take care and look forward to seeing you again sometime soon. Kind Regards, Lisa P.

    P.S. Love the Aquaponics chart…. the ‘Fish And Plants Growing Happily Together’ phrase is cheerfully true.

  2. Hi Lisa, We had such a good time hanging out in your yard that day, looking forward to coming back soon and picking up some water plants!

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