Garden Chronicles :: Chapter 9

We started our summer garden last weekend. We went with more tomatoes, peppers, squash and eggplant. I dumped a huge load of compost we had been brewing for the past 9 months into our first garden plot. It turned the soil into a nice dark substance full of nutrients for the new seedlings. We also dug up an old brick walkway that had been covered up with sod from a few years back. We noticed this past rain season that we were developing large puddles in the yard making it difficult to access the front gate without getting mud on our shoes. Which also means that you have to wipe the dogs feet off each time he goes outside and walks through the mud on his way back into the house.

We splurged and picked up some new sod to fill in the rest of the yard. This time we decided to keep the dog and chickens off of it completely until it it has time to take root. They seam pretty upset about this, but it is the new law in their land. Blanch, the Plymouth Rock, has already figured out how to get into the promise land. I am not sure how she does it yet but I am on the case until I figure out how she gets through the barricade.

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