Garden Chronicles :: Chapter 5

So far all of our garden plots are doing great. The celebrity tomatoes in our first plot are getting huge.

Our second (new) garden plot is taking off as well. It is hard to believe that we planted it only two weeks ago. We have a pumpkin plant that is taking over the entire South West wing of the garden plot.

Because we decided that we wanted to do an organic garden, we have yet to use any insecticides or growth hormones on our plants. Nor have they needed them. We just open up the chicken coop and let the girls do their thing.

They know how to climb in and out of their coop when the door is open to make their way into the garden.

Once they are in the garden the start foraging around for worms and insects.

When they are all done gardening they will make there way back their coop, climb back in and relax.


2 thoughts on “Garden Chronicles :: Chapter 5

  1. You should we my garden. After 10 days of 100 degree days its really sad I’m still picking tomatoes every day but I have to get them when there yellow or they blister and rot. Yours look great!

  2. I couldn’t imagine gardening, let alone going outside in that kind of heat. My dad told me that he has to water his yard and plants at least twice a day in Dallas, or they start wilting.

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