Garden Chronicles : Chapter 3

A Stroll Through The Garden

We started letting the chicks spend some time in our garden. We want them to get familiar being around us, as well as the plants and the insects. Up to this point each time they saw us we were lording over their box like some type of greek god having fun controlling the outcome of their day. We did not want them to get the wrong impression of us so we started hanging out with them both in the house and in the garden a few minutes a day.

In the garden they feel right at home, foraging for food or pecking at the plants.

Blanch here, The Plymouth Rock, is the most animated out of the threesome, she also gets out and explores more than the other two.

Judah continues to try to convince us that he can help keep the chicks in line while they are in the garden, here he is trying to get under the fence to assist. The first day we let them out we learned the importance of staying close by while they are so small. It’s bad enough that our land shark can’t seem to leave them alone, but other birds of prey can’t as well. Lyndsey was sitting with Rose about a week ago in the yard, and a large bird swooped down and perched on a branch directly above her and the chick. When I say directly, I mean like three feet away. Rose stopped chirping immediately and ducked down into Lyndsey’s hands. Fortunately everything was all right, but it did open our eyes as to how vulnerable they are at this age, and how important their coop will be when they get older.

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