first week in the Caribbean

Family Sunset
the familly on top of a water tower watching the sun set

I guess what makes this first week in the Caribbean just that much sweeter hit me when I was talking to our friend and house sitter in San Diego the other day to get caught up on what was happening while we were gone, “It is cold,” he said, “Not just cold, freezing, there is frost on the ground.” Frost on the ground in San Diego, “Wow”, I thought to myself that doesn’t happen every day, it seams like a world away. Frost has got to be one of the farthest things on my mind as I wake up to another warm Caribbean morning.

Under the Mango Tree
hanging out under a mango tree

Down here things are done a little differently. You don’t wake up to the 6:30 airplanes flying over head as they depart Lindberg Field taking people and packages to destinations far away. Instead you hear roosters off in the distance as the sun begins to climb the leeward mountains east of us. You don’t bundle up the grom in hopes that he will not catch a cold, but instead take his shirt off so that he doesn’t get a heat rash. You start out your morning with a walk around the property pulling fruit that might make a nutritious breakfast for your self and the kids. As the kids are being fed, you hop in the car and check the surf on the north side of the point. If the trade winds have already started then you check the surf on the southern side of the point where the surf might be a little smaller, but the offshore winds give it great form. In San Diego, if you decide to surf you pull a thick piece of rubber over your body, from head to toe so that you don’t catch hypothermia in the water. Down here you strip down to your board shorts so that you don’t get to warm in the water. After the morning surf, your work day begins. When you are on the computer working things seem a bit the same except for your surroundings, instead of looking out the window at a garden and the chickens, you look outside and see a jungle, with the green Caribbean Sea of on the horizon. This first week has been great, warm and relaxing. We are all doing great and enjoying ourselves more than we had ever expected.

El Farp Lighthouse
el Faro lighthouse, on the point

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