First Day of Kindergarden

groms fist day

Last month got away from me, at the beginning of the year we had some much going on that I didn’t take time to document a momentous point in our family. Eli started kindergarden last month. The school year starts in January, although some of the schools don’t start until the beginning of February.

st style

He is at the same school with most of the same kids, he is just in the older class learning more things. We started carpooling with some neighbors that have a daughters that go to the same school. Eli is a classy little grom and likes to dress it up a notch if he can. We let him pick out his first day of school outfit and he wanted to wear a tie.

Isabel at Work

Isabel has been enjoying her afternoons with her mom trying out just about anything she can get her hands on. She is learning more words and becoming way more observant. She is also becoming way more of an adventurer exploring all over the yard with her pack of dog’s.

Perspective… What a difference a year makes.

A differenc ein a year


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