Fall Festivles


Well the kids have definitely been getting their share of fall festivals this season as it is our first Fall Season back in the states for a while. To be quite honest, San Diego didn’t rally have a fall time, considering there is only one real season in Southern California. That doesn’t mean that they didn’t celebrate fall, it just means that it is different than in an area where you actually have seasons. Sure the water cools up and the Santa Ana winds pick up, but it not the same thing as all of the leaves falling off of the trees and the weather cooling down.

I am not saying that the weather has changed much here in Austin, at least not yet. The good news is that we are able to open up the house and turn off the AC, however we have still had quite a few days in the high eighties. Soon enough we will pull out the sweaters and jackets, but until then we will try to keep the house open as much as possible.

I am excited that the kids get to travel around and enjoy new things. I do miss the jungle and I know that they do as well, but getting to experience new things, like fall festivals is something that you miss out on in tropics. We have so much to be Thankful for.











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