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costa rica

Well we’ve been settling in quite nicely in the new town. We’ve eaten at a few restaurants, been to both of the community pools, shopped at all the grocery stores and done business at the bank and post office. The weather has been as close to perfect as weather can be, 60s when you wake up to around mid 80s at the high point of the day. We’ve done a couple of road trips to the beach, only about an hour away and breathtaking. All in all not a bad little place to call home for the next few months.

cow field

The one downside about living out in the country on a dirt road is all the dust. No matter how hard you try the dust always settles on the wood porch outside or on the dark wood furniture inside. Which just means I need to get on finding a maid sooner anyways! Eli couldn’t love it more though. Right outside our fence is a huge pile of dirt, possibly concrete that they will be using to finish the driveway this week.

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The house pretty much came with a handyman, Dennis, a local Tico who works for the homeowner and he is here working around the house most days of the week. It’s actually been pretty awesome to have someone to fix the hot water heater, dig the trench for the laundry machine, hang the curtains, build a safety gate for the porch, etc. without having to lift a finger ourselves.

costa rica house

Our first night in the new place was pretty exciting with all the new sounds being right in the jungle. We have finally gotten used to all the creatures big and small that probably called this place home before we moved in. One of the loudest at night are theĀ  geckos who chill on our ceilings and make a noise that sounds similar to a bark all night. There is also a family of bats that like to get caught up in the wind chime on the porch that was placed there to keep them out. We also hear rustling all over the roof day and night and I figured out what made that sound when I was stretching under the skylight in the living room. Looking down at me were two iguanas poking their heads out and tilting their eyes down to watch us down below! Here’s a picture of one of the culprits climbing the tree that extends over our roof, a.k.a. his easy access ladder.

eye in the sky

Eli has been doing great, he does ask if he can go play with his friends from San Diego at least once a day though. It’s so sad/cute that we had such wonderful friends so close in San Diego that he thinks about them that much. I have been making an effort to keep him more occupied with “projects” in the afternoons after his nap. He loves to paint, color in his coloring books with markers or crayons, make construction paper animals for his room, and play a homemade version of “memory” I made out of note cards. If he’s not doing one of those things, he also loves to play one of his games on my phone or watch a cartoon on the computer. He also loves to “help” mommy around the house while she’s cleaning, making meals, or doing laundry.

costa rica boy

I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and feeling it! Only two more months to go but at this point I feel more than ready and it’s hard to believe I am actually going to get bigger than I already am. The major symptom this trimester is the return of the extreme fatigue. After waking up around 5:30 or 6 and cleaning the house and making breakfast I am usually ready for a nap around 9ish. Some days I do lay down as Eli plays cars or builds blocks on me, but most days I try to power through and get my shopping or other errands done in the A.M. and nap when he goes down around 1-3. My goal for today is to make it to town to locate some antacid for my constant heartburn. I ran out of tums a couple of days ago, and I have yet to find something comparable. It’s cool though, I’m just happy to have a healthy easy-going pregnancy and am looking forward to meeting my little girl soon!

tired baby

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  1. Glad to see ya’ll are settling in. Got names picked out for the iguana’s, yet?

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