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We have been taking advantage of being close to family, at least closer than we have ever been with kids. One of those perks is using my father’s RV that he has sitting in his yard. He is only four hours away so we decided to keep it for the summer so that we could get the kids out. It is pretty hot in Austin in the summer, but I have to say so far it hasn’t seamed that brutal. I guess spending the last few years in the tropics has toughened us up towards the heat.

I have to apologize again because I have been so busy with this new project that I do not have time to keep up on this blog. That doesn’t mean that we haven’t been getting out an enjoying the area and all that Austin has to offer, it just means I haven’t had the time to write about it.¬† It’s a good thing that our iphones make taking pictures so easy or these memories would just slip right by.

Things have been going really well  with the new project and we hope to have our betta version available in Austin by next month. Fingers crossed, if all goes well. I have faith in the developers that we have working on it right now, but only so much. After getting shafted by their CEO who decided to walk away from the company we have had to make changes to our summer vacation plans so I can be more available. Instead of heading to the coast for a couple weeks like we had planned, we decided to do local camping excursions in the area to see what was available.

Austin has some nice areas to camp, for U.S. standards I would give them a 4 (out of 10), but for Texas standards they are a 7 or 8. The places we have visited are next to small rivers, or large creeks and get pretty crowded. We have learned to adjust and enjoy what we have available and so far we have been having a good time.

McKinney Falls State Park












Pedernales State Park







If you are wondering, yeah I am the cheesy old guy that sits around campsite taking pictures of wild life- check, bucket list number 36, another easy one.

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