the Groms First Day of School

Eli's FIrst Day of School

We have been getting back in the swing of things after taking a month trip to the States for the holidays. We needed to take care of a few things upon our arrival and one of them was getting Eli ready to start school. We had a week back before he started so we slowly started preparing him for what his days were going to soon be like.

Playing at School Mal Pais

Just before leaving for the states we got word that there was an opening at Little People Non Profit, a pre-school that Lyndsey had signed Eli up for a few months prior. We were up in the air between Little People Non Profit and another montessori school on the other end of town. We were hoping to get him into Little People Non Profit, mainly because it is just down the street from us, but were unsure if their was going to be any space available for him. The montessori would have worked out just as well for a backup, but what of included a 20 minute drive each morning and afternoon instead of a 10 minute walk.

Lunch Time in Mal Pais

There a two private schools in town plus two public elementary schools, one in Santa Teresa and the other in Mal Pais. We decided that it would be a good idea to get Eli into one of the private schools for a few reasons. One reason is because they are bilingual, half of the day is in English and the other half is in Spanish. He is also in a multicultural class with kids from Costa Rica, Great Brittan, Israel, Argentina, Brazil and the States.

Eli's Class

Come Monday morning Eli woke up ready to start his new adventures at school. We took some pictures and then off we were down the street to meet his new teachers and classmates.

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