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Eli’s Collection Site

September 19, 2011 by Ricky Coburn in Friends, OB, San Diego, The Grom with 0 Comments
From Els 2nd B-ay Party

For Eli’s second birthday we decided to go with the trash truck/collection site theme. We think that this would have been his choice of theme considering how into trash trucks he is. It is rather funny to us because we have friends who’s kids are totally obsessed with commercial items like Elmo, Yo Gabba Gabba or something along those lines.  Not so much with Eli, at least not yet. Instead of watching an Elmo video or playing with a furry red doll, he would rather watch a video of a trash truck going up and down the alley, or play with one of his many little trash truck toys that he has accumulated over the past few months.

From Els 2nd B-ay Party

When it came to deciding what theme to do for his party, we didn’t have to look to hard to find out what he would be interested in. So a trash truck party it was, and a collection site is were we were going to have it. Well, not really a collection site, but a homemade one that Lyndsey and I put together at our friends Donny and Brook’s. We decided to have the party at our friends Donny and Brook’s house because they are such great hosts and have a great back yard for entertaining guests.

From Els 2nd B-ay Party

Lyndsey spent a few weeks planning the party. It started with the custom invite that she designed for the party that we sent out to all of Eli’s good friends. Then she designed and made a custom Trash-Truck cake with Eli’s name on it, a Litter Bug Pinata and some fun games for the kids to play that all sort of revolved around picking up trash and throwing it into the right trash bin.

From Els 2nd B-ay Party

For snacks Lyndsey prepared pulled pork sandwiches served on a bun with coleslaw, chips and baked beans on  the side. The kids got noodles with cheese – a favorite amongst the younger crew. We really had a great time, and would like to thank all of Eli’s friends for coming out!

Click the following link to see the whole album

Els 2nd B-ay Party

or check out the slide show below!

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