Eli’s 1st Birthday Fiesta

We celebrated Eli’s first birthday party yesterday at our friends house up the street from us. Nicki, Henry and little Henry have a beautiful home two houses up the street from us with a great big backyard, as far as Southern California beach town backyards go. They invited us to have the party at their place, so we took them up on the offer considering we have a rather small compact yard. ¬†Lyndsey has been planning Eli’s first birthday party ever since we brought him home from the hospital a year ago. She asked what I thought the theme should be for his first party and I said “taco party”. I initially thought that we would serve tacos, and have taco related gifts. The idea didn’t settle so well with Lyndsey so we adapted the taco theme into a Lucha Libre theme, which was a hit I might ad.

Flying El Cheezmo

We ended up picking up 10lbs of carne, 4lbs of pollo and 60 homemade corn tortillas form the Pancho Villas Super Mercado in the bario. The meat was excellent, just like you would get in Mexico. I made a big bowl of black beans from scratch, some Mexican rice and a large bowl of my famous pico salsa. Lyndsey made a special cake, sugar cookies and El Cheezmo the flying Pinata. She also made a custom t-shirt for Eli to wear at the party with a Lucha Libre mask.

Birthday Cake

For the kids we had the Pinata, pin the tail on the burro and a bunch of fun activities. We brought the chickens up for the kids to enjoy, then we played a round of chicken poop bingo with the adults. ¬†Just in case you don’t know what chicken poop bingo is, it is pretty simple. You get a big piece of poster board, break it up into squares, then sell the squares for a dollar a piece. You put the chickens on top of the squares and wait for one of them to poop. Whoever bought the square that the poop lands on wins the pot. We had around 30 adults and around 15 kids that showed up for Eli’s Birthday. Needless to say it was a great 1st birthday party.

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  1. We had a great time hosting the party! That video is awesome! Chicken bingo is a party must have. Thanks for the party!
    Henry and Niki and Little Henry

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