Eli Turns Four


What a month it has been, I cant believe that September is almost over. I would say it is birthday month because it seems like we were celebrating Eli’s 4th birthday off and on all month. It started with a party at his school on the 10th where the kids in his class got him presents and made him some cards. The teacher had it so early because one of his good friends was going to move to South Africa with his family the next day and she didn’t want him to miss Eli’s party.

On the 17th, the actual day of his birthday we had some friends over to celebrate and had a little family party together. Then the following Saturday we had an actual party for him that started at Papa Surf, the place down the street with the half pipe and end up at our place for mores games, cake and gifts.


We weren’t sure if it was rain or not so we planned on having the party at both locations just in case. The kids loved the half pipe, most of the time they just ran back and forth seeing how high they could get on each side. They also took turns riding on the skate boards to get the feel of how the ramp and skateboard work together to create speed. At the house they played games, took their turn on the pinata and had a water balloon fight.


Eli is four years old now. He is turning into such a little boy leaving the baby and toddler behind. He is spending a lot more time in the water playing on a boogie board and riding the skateboard ramp with help from me. We just started his fall break so I am looking forward to spending time with him doing both of these activities.






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