Eggs Over Here, Eggs Over There

All three Chickens are laying eggs. Bringing us to about 15 eggs a week. It took us a couple of days to figure this out because Dorothy, the Golden Laced Wyandotte, is not nearly as vocal as the other two hens. So when she started going through the egg laying ritual we didn’t quite recognize it. She also decided that she would lay her eggs in her own little nest, right next to garden plot #1, and not in the coop house.

We let our hens free range around our yard during the day, so we started to notice that they have began laying eggs in odd places, other than their coop. If they are locked up during the day they will lay their eggs in their boxes. However if they are out all day they will lay them wherever they see fit. For Dorothy that is a little next she made by the garden. Rose on the other hand, started to lay eggs in a shelving unit that holds our water purifier unit.

This random egg laying does add a little excitement when we get home from work, because each day we get to have our own little egg hunt.

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