DIY Wedding Costa Rica Wedding – Nine Year Wedding Anniversery

Nine years ago today Lyndsey and I got married on the beach in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica in front of the four most important people in our lives, both sets of parents. My sister and her husband joined us as well which was very special. Kevin, my brother-in-law brought along his handy video cam and shot our DIY ceremony on the beach. Mind you this was 9 years ago, back when cell phones were just for making phone calls and if you had the real nice one you may be able to take a photo, however they were useless in Costa Rica becasue international plans would have cost you more than your flight.

Lyndsey and I showed up to Manuel Antonio a week early and started finding places for everyone to stay. We found a quaint little hotel down by the water which had accommodations for everyone in the wedding party – all eight of us. We had a wonderful reception dinner the night before the ceremony at a nice local seafood restaurant right on the water where we were able to watch the sunset over the ocean as we dined.

The next morning my mother and sister walked around the rain forest and put together a wonderful bouquet of flowers for Lyndsey to hold made up of tropical blossoms and vegetation. We took as many photos as we could around the hotel then made our way down to the water were we cleared out a little section of beach and began what would be one of the most important ceremonies of our lives.

It was funny becasue after the ceremony began a group of locals kids that were playing soccer/futbol next to us started to get a little closer and they actually kicked the ball right next to us. An older tico man on the beach was disgusted by them doing this and began acting as our security guard and had them stop their game and watch our ceremony. Costa Ricans are some of the most wonderful people that I have met. They are generally good natured people with a caring open spirit. I have seen a number of weddings on the coast in Southern California were people outside of the wedding party ignore the ceremony and almost act as if they are annoyed. The ticos, unlike typical gringos, all gathered around. When we were done with our ceremony and as I kissed my new bride we could hear crowds cheering and clapping as the locals celebrated with us. A group of over 30 people stood off to the side and watched our ceremony, as soon as we finished they all came in and started hugging and kissing us on our cheeks. They were generally excited for us, and wanted us to feel it.

That night we all went to one of the posh hotels up on the hill and had a wonderful wedding dinner with our loved ones. Lyndsey and I spent another three weeks in Costa Rica celebrating our new life together. It is now nine years later and we have a wonderful son and a new baby on the way. We have a wonderful family and a great support group of friends. My love for this women has increased in ways I had never thought possible. I just might perhaps be the luckiest man I know.

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