Costa Rica Vinculo Residency Checklist

Los funcionarios del Registro Civil

You do not necessarily need an attorney to get residency in Costa Rica

as long as you follow all of the required steps to get your residency. When we got our residency, after having a baby in Costa Rica, we did it ourselves. The following steps are the requirements needed to get your vinculo residency in Costa Rica in 2012.

  1. Affiliation form duly complete, print clearly, legibly and signed.
  2. Letter indicating the reasons why applying for permanent residence. It should the full name of the person applicant, nationality, age, occupation, address where you live and place or means of notification. The letter must be signed, you can do against the officer (s) or Migration present the signature authenticated by a attorney.
  3. Receipt of payment in the amount of $ 50.00;, which indicates the name of the person as foreign depositor. the money be canceled in colones, the account 242480-0 of Banco de Costa Rica.
  4. Receipt of payment in the amount of ¢ 125 and ¢ 2.50, for each sheet to submit with the residence application, indicating the foreign person’s name as depositor.
  5. Two passport size photographs, front and recently the foreign person.
  6. Proof of registration of marks, issued by the Ministry of Public Security. This requirement is only for people over 12 years.
  7. Proof of consulate registration. The requirements for such registration shall determined at the Consulate concerned.
  8. Birth certificate of the person foreign, issued in the country of origin, duly legalized and authenticated or apostilled.
  9. Criminal Record Check from the foreign person’s country of origin or place where they have lived legally last three years, duly certified and authenticated or apostilled. For this purpose should further demonstrate the legality of their stay in that country by certified copy obtained migration within the period specified
  10. Photocopies of all passport pages applicable to foreign nationals. The photocopy must be certified either confronted with the original with the official (a) who receives, or by notary public.
  11. Certification issued by the Registrar (Registro Civil) showing the ties with Costa Rica. The date of issuance of this document can not be more than two months at the time of the filing.
  12. In the case of siblings or adult children of Costa Rica disabled, proof of the same by medical report and certification of guardianship issued by the enaquellos judge where appropriate.




  1. An application for residence be conducted if the person is a Foreign legal in the country, that is, that their time unexpired visa.
  2. If the person entering Costa Rica as a tourist and want apply for a residence, shall deposit the additional sum of $ 200.00, in the Bank account 242480-0 Costa Rica for change of category. the money shall be deposited in colones.
  3. All documents coming from abroad, must be properly annotated or authenticated by the Consul Costa Rica in their country and authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica, with tariffs respective consulate properly canceled, or certifications issued by the consular authorities of country of origin of the foreign person accredited in Costa Rica, as long as there is a corresponding agreement with the Directorate General for the issuance of these
  4. The documents had not been cast in language Spanish must provide a translation in this language, which must be issued by an official translator or translation of a notary who knows the language.
  5. Those foreigners whose country of origin do not have with diplomatic representation in Costa Rica, should not present the consular registration
  6. Those people whose country of origin does not exist Diplomatic representatives of Costa Rica and reciprocity there is also representing his country in Costa Rica
    must present a birth certificate, previous criminal or marriage, as and if issued in your country of origin as well as an affidavit duly notarized on inforamción contained in these documents.
  7. In cases of foreigners who can not present requirements for the disappearance of the country of was a citizen (s) must submit the passport that identified as a national of that country, and render a affidavit, plus a certificate from the Ministry of Foreign specify where the problem political happened.
  8. If this is the demise of vital registration in country of origin, due to unforeseen circumstances, force majeure, made of third parties must submit the relevant certification the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of his country origin of this fact, duly authenticated and present affidavit on the ends to show.
  9. For countries that do not extend certification criminal record, the applicant must provide receipt issued by the competent authority of its country of origin, and proper affidavit notarized.
  10. In the case of countries that issue a certificate of birth of the foreign person, without stating the parents’ names must be given in conjunction with the certification, an affidavit notarized, indicating the names of their parents.
  11. The documents issued abroad, will have the effect that indicate the document. If not indicate the duration, when filed with the Immigration Department, the date of
    issuance of the document may not be longer than six months.
  12. The documents in the file by the person concerned must be originals or copies duly certified by a notary public official or confronted. In this latter case, the receiving or the official documents, confront the copies with the originals and be accurate, affix its name, signature and stamp of receipt of office indicating the date that the copies were confronted with their originals.
  13. To every photocopy of an original document confronted with official, shall be affixed a stamp tax of ¢ 20 colones and ringing ¢ 5 colones file
  14. The receipt of $ 200.00 per category change when eligibility requirement is appropriate, ie if no present can not receive your order.
  15. The application must be filed in the regional offices or Platform Services Headquarters Migration the hours of 8 am to 12 M.D. Monday through Friday.
  16. The last Friday of every month, no requests are received in the Platform Services headquarters.
  17. Once approved the work permit and before an appointment to document, you must negotiate with the Costa Rican Social Security your insurance as an employee.
  18. Affiliation form can be obtained from the area Information on the website or
  19. Remember that all services provided by the Directorate General of Immigration are free only to be canceled the taxes imposed by law.
  20. Go only to properly identified staff consult on eligibility, citations and quota attention.




  1. Review the list ofrequirements
  2. Note the due dates each of the documents. This detail is important in that it has no disadvantage when present.
  3. Once you have reviewed the requirements, have complete and current, like Visa,
    can go to the Services Platform headquarters of the Immigration Department or regional offices to submit their application, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 12 M.D.
  4. The Service Platform should tell the official (s) located at the reception, that his procedure is the application for residence by first time.
  5. The officer or will issue you a in order to be treated, depending on their application.
  6. Wait to be served (a) in the place where you or instructed by the official.
  7. On your turn, deliver all documents to the person who meets the Platform or regional office, she will review and included in the system.
  8. The person you speak to will give you a sheet which indicates your personal data, the number of your records and documents presented. Check that all data is correct.
  9. When the record is complete, the Management has 90 days to resolve.
  10. If you need any of the requirements, you have ten days to present the documents you will require.
  11. If you need more than ten days to comply with documents, shall make a request
    in writing, before they meet the ten days to extend that date.
  12. After three months, if your application said a fax number for service, the
    response to his application for residence will come by fax, but also should be presented to the Service Platform and tell the person reception you need to know the state of your application.


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