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Central Texas Fall Garden – Planting the Vegetables

September 10, 2017 by Ricky Coburn in Austin, Featured, Garden, News & Info with 0 Comments

Central Texas garden

According to the Farmers Almanac, there are a few different vegetables that you can plant in Central Texas in September. That means that if you get something in the ground now, it might be ready for a Fall or Spring harvest depending upon what you are planting. Here in zone 8b and 9b we really don’t get that cold, as far as any freezes that last that long, it is considered a Humid Subtropical Climate.This means we are able to plant some veggies like tomatoes and artichokes that other areas North of us can’t.

We hit up Barton Hills Nursery, a local family run nursery that has a seasonal supply of locally grown organic vegetable plugs to help us get our garden started. We chose to grow some tomatoes, broccoli, chard, and a few different varieties of kale. We also saved one row for herbs choosing oregano, chives and curry.

Central Texas garden

Before picking any of the vegetables, we spent a couple of days preparing the soil by mixing in our compost with the dirt to create a nutrient rich soil.

The plot is 10ft by 5ft, so we were able to get 6 rows ft deep, by starting and ending with a row.   We also created some cages for the tomatoes and some for the kale in an attempt to keep the squirrels and toddler at bay. I am sure that I will have to figure something else out soon enough, but this will help for the mean time.

Central Texas garden
Central Texas garden
Central Texas garden
Central Texas garden

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