Grocery Shopping in Santa Teresa

Grocery shopping is something that you pretty much always have to stay on top of, especially with a family of four. We are fortunate in our family because Lyndsey is a good shopper and we consume nearly 100% of the perishable foods that we purchase, including fruits and vegetables.

Boyero de Oxen Parade & Climate Fair

The town of Atenas, Costa Rica sits on a ridge high above the Rio Grande, not quite half way between San José and Puntarenas. Highway 3, which follows the path of the old ox-cart road that carried coffee from Central Valley plantations to Puntarenas for the long voyage around Cape Horn, passes through Atenas. There

New Car = Road Trip

We picked up a new car the other night for the family. It is a 1988 Nissan Pathfinder XLT 4×4. We have been looking for a car since we got here nearly a month ago. Everything in our price range was pretty beat-up except for a few different trucks that we looked at. We were