Dealing With the Elements – Dust, Bug Bites, Surfers Ear etc.

Living in the tropics has its advantages but it also had its share of disadvantages that come along with the package. I don’t believe that there is such thing as a perfect place, and if there is by the time you get there it is no longer perfect. What I mean to say is that

Hacienda Ohkra Project

I have been spending more time at the Hacienda Okhra Project trying to get ready for the busy season. We are estimating a production of over 700 heads of lettuce plus another 15 kilos of other veggies i.e., tomatoes, peppers, basil, pickles etc. per week. We hope to increase production and add in an aquaponics

7.6 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Costa Rica

The bulletins were terrifying: a powerful earthquake had struck off the coast of this Central American country, spawning a tsunami warning and bringing fears of widespread catastrophe. I was in the water and felt something abnormal, almost like some type of whale or shark was trying to surface underneath my board, while Lyndsey and the