Camping at Broken Bow

A few years ago, when we lived in Dallas for a short time running our clothing stores, we discovered a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. For the most part camping around the Dallas area was pretty lame, as far as having pretty basic camp grounds with not much to do or see. That was until an old employee told us about a spot in South East Oklahoma called Beavers Bend. It is just under a 3 in half hour drive from Dallas, almost to the Arkansas border just north of the town of Broken Bow, just below the Ozark Mountains.

Our first time out there was pre-kids, so needless to say it was just Lyndsey, myself and our old dog Judah, who wasn’t that old at the time. We pulled into Beavers Bend state park at night only to find that all of the camp spots were taken up so we headed north on Highway 259 another five miles until we came to Hochatown State Park at Broken Bow lake where we found one of the best camp spots in the entire area. The state park had your normal numbered campsites with a park bench and grill, but they also gave you the option to go to a primitive spot, which is anywhere you want to set up a camp. Since we were use to camping Baja style, where you brought everything in, we were more than happy to set up camp away from the other campers on a peninsula right next to the lake.

Now seven years later with a two year old and a four year old we headed out to Beavers Bend to take our daughter Isabel on her first camping trip. Everything was perfect, the weather was a comfortable 65-75 degrees all weekend, and we were able o find the exact spot that we stumbled upon years before. We were also joined by friends who had two kids which made the weekend extra fun as the kids played and the adults camped.


















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