Catching Up With the Kids

Isabel and Eli


Brother & Sister

Izzy & baby

I apologize for not writing much over the past few months, it is not that we have not been active, it is just that I haven’t found the time to sit down and write a post. Our car has been at the mechanic for almost 5 weeks now. Lyndsey was driving it home one night and noticed a bunch of white smoke. By the time she got it home the radiator was empty and steaming. It turns out that we blew the head gaskets and destroyed the heads as well.

I took it to a local mechanic, who really takes his time. We are hopefully getting it back next week, but there is really no telling. Everyone warned me about the particular mechanic, not that he doesn’t do a good job, but that he takes his time. I have used him in the past and haven’t had any problems. I knew that this was bigger task, and well let’s face it, we are in the middle of the jungle. You can’t call a parts warehouse and have parts dropped of that afternoon. Things just take longer, and you if you do not have the patience to wait, you probably are not going to do very well.

A friend lent us his quad to use which has been very nice, and fun. We are thinking about getting one for the family next year. We have saved a lot of money on gas not having to use the car, plus wear and tear on the vehicle.

The kids have been growing so much and so fast. The other day Lyndsey took the above pictures and we were both blown away how much Eli is turning into a little boy. Every day I notice little changes in both Eli and Isabel as they are turning into their own little people. Isabel is learning so much and trying new things each day. One day she is trying a new word, the next day she is trying out a new toy or trying to help out with out different family chores. Eli also is growing so much and taking on new responsibilities. We often have to remind ourselves to sit back and enjoy them as they are becasue next week they will be a little different.

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