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Local Landscapers

September 1, 2015 by Ricky Coburn in Featured, Lifestyle, News & Info with 0 Comments


The past couple of days there has been a mother horse and her mare eating up some of the overgrown grass in the yard. This morning they came right up the house and started grazing in the yard which made for a great opportunity to start snapping some pictures of Isabel on cloud 9.

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Super Moon Weekend in August

August 30, 2015 by Ricky Coburn in Family, Featured, News & Info with 1 Comment


It is so wonderful to get to be a parent and watch the little ones grow. Having three kids under six years is a daily reminder of how fast they develop. There really isn’t that much time between the three year old and the 5 year old, and it seems like just yesterday when the five year old was only two months old. As they get older they are starting to develop their own little lives with their friends as their circles expand past the one we as parents offer them.  Things like Eli and Isabel going out to dinner with their friends families, or maybe the neighbor kid showing up at the house before they get out of bed, or Eil having a friend over for a his first sleepover; each monumental little steps as they develop their own sense of purpose and individuality.  I sit back in awe and try to remember to do my best to soak it in because soon it will be a distant picture or a memory that seems like a blog post from so long ago.

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Rainy Season 2015 Morning Walks

August 15, 2015 by Ricky Coburn in Family, Featured, News & Info with 0 Comments


The kids have been doing great since we got back to the beach. We are starting to get deeper into the rain season, which has turned out being our favorite time of the year. I guess, if we were to break it down, one of the reasons that we like living where we are at right now is on account of the jungle. We love the trees, the flowers and all of the natural wildlife that it attracts. During the dry season, and the five months with no rain, the jungle begins to wither and transform into a hot, dusty forest. That is not to say that it is not hot during the rain season, it is hot and humid, but It is also much more cloudy, which gives you breaks from the sun during the day. The rains often bring a welcome cool breeze with them and also keep the dust away.

The irony, that I have mentioned before, is that the busy time of the year in Costa Rica beach towns is during the dry season. So not only are the roads dusty, but they are packed with tourists and nationals on vacation. Most of the people that travel to Santa Teresa never get to see the jungle and beaches in their pure splendor. Then again, after waiting out an afternoon storm, most people could probably care less.

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Back at the beach with Riley


Things are starting to get back to our new normal in our family, after about two weeks of being back at the beach. Eli and Isabel returned to school on Monday and little Riley is starting to take in more from her new surroundings.

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Introducing Riley Mae

new baby

Last Saturday morning Lyndsey woke up and quietly said, “Today is going to be the day.” Forty weeks into her third pregnancy it wasn’t so much of a guessing game as a subtle feeling that she had been there before.

Lyndsey’s mom had come down a couple of weeks earlier to help with the kids and with the arrival of the new little one. This took much of the stress away, knowing that our kids were going to be safe and with someone they loved why we were away at the hospital. With grammy at the house we had time to make sure that everything was packed, our bellys were full and everything was in place before we made the twenty minute drive to the hospital.

baby at cima

Around 7:30 Saturday night we were blessed to meet the third arrival to our little family, Miss Riley Mae. She was smaller than the other two only weighing in at 8lbs 1oz, but still considered a large baby to the nurses that helped with the labor.

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Waiting Time in Heredia = Free Blessings


We left the beach at the beginning of June so that we could be a closer to the hospital for the arrival of our new little one. Lyndsey found a great little house on AIRBNB with an enclosed yard in San Joaquin de Flores, Heredia.

Heredia is a city right out side of San Jose. It is also one of the provinces in Costa Rica. The house we rented is about 20 minutes from the hospital in Escazu, and 10 minutes from the main INTL Airport in Alajuela. The location of the house is great on account of being close to everything. Lyndsey has enjoyed taking the kids to different stores and parks to play and browse around.

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Third Weekend in May


We are four weeks and a couple of days away from meeting our new baby. We are excited and a little nervous just to get through it. We live a pretty stress free life, really only getting worked up about silly things that we know are irrelevant. Without TV and any traditional media we really have no idea who is killing who and who’s husband is hooking up with whoever. Not having a clear picture of who are enemy is, we just really don’t have that much to get worked up about. So going to the city and having a baby makes us a little nervous, not a lot, only a little, needless to say… life is good.

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5AM Wake Up Call is Just Monkey Business

The rains have started, that is to say that we have received a few showers off and on over the past couple of weeks. With the rains come some of the seasonal fruits. In this part of of the world that means the mangoes and the cashews are ripe, that also that means the monkeys have moved in. In the back yard we have a family of howlers that have taken over a mango trees and in the front yard the Capuchin have taken over the cashews. Wake up call in these parts is around 5 am when the howlers start their morning calls.
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Isa’s 3rd Birthday Party

We celebrated Isabel’s 3rd birthday yesterday with some friends. This year we had a double-party with Isabel’s friend Indy who has a birthday the day before Isabel. The party was up at Indy’s house which is just up the hill from where we live. She has a pool so Lyndsey and Indy’s mom decided to have a pool party with a princess theme. If you ask me, it was just perfect for two little girls turning three years old.

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Morning Sessions in STCR

Well I finally did it. Part of the deal, or at least as I understood it, to borrowing my brother-in-laws GoPro was to to get some footage surfing. I finally got it together and took it out with me to see how it would work. I was a little nervous taking it out, so I picked a pretty small mellow day, just in case I had problems holding onto it. You see I am trying to get images that give the viewer of what it is like to ride down the face of a wave. I wasn’t going to stick it on my board and have it shoot video of my mug like all the kooks do who are learning to surf. I have yet to see a selfie image of someone on a wave that was worth looking at.

I had a couple of things to work out in my head, like where I would put the camera when I was paddling. I found that I could slide it through my key holder on my board shorts and it would sit at my side like a gun in a holster. I did this for my initial paddle out, but for most of the session I either put it in my teeth, or let it sit on the nose of my board.

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