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Central Texas Fall Garden – Planting the Vegetables

September 10, 2017 by Ricky Coburn in Austin, Featured, Garden, News & Info with 0 Comments

Central Texas garden

According to the Farmers Almanac, there are a few different vegetables that you can plant in Central Texas in September. That means that if you get something in the ground now, it might be ready for a Fall or Spring harvest depending upon what you are planting. Here in zone 8b and 9b we really don’t get that cold, as far as any freezes that last that long, it is considered a Humid Subtropical Climate.This means we are able to plant some veggies like tomatoes and artichokes that other areas North of us can’t.

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Central Texas Fall Garden – Prepping the Soil

getting soil ready

For the past couple of years I was so busy with a project that I didn’t have the time to grow our own food. It was something that I really missed and even felt guilty about, but with my hectic schedule it wasn’t really possible. I did have time to produce our own soil, and with the amount of organic excess matter our family produces on a daily level, it was time to harvest the compost into a new garden bed.

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Kids on Wheels

September 9, 2017 by Ricky Coburn in Austin, Family, Featured, News & Info with 0 Comments


Over the summer we got to get out and practice riding our bikes in the morning before it got too hot. The kids really enjoy playing on wheels, be it a bike, skateboard, stroller, you name it. Now that it is starting to cool of, here in Central Texas, we are starting to finally get outside to enjoy ourselves a little more.That means that kids can play on their bikes in the yard and any time we can supervise them in the street.

Last Monday was Labor Day in the U.S., so before we headed out for a little gathering, we went for a family bike ride. Or a family walk to a local parking lot that included bikes.

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Morning Shadows

September 3, 2017 by Ricky Coburn in Austin, Featured, News & Info with 0 Comments


Learning to walk on the sidewalk next to a busy street is always something one needs to take with caution no matter what age they are.

Afternoon Stroll – Barton Hills Greenbelt

September 2, 2017 by Ricky Coburn in Austin, Featured, News & Info with 0 Comments

barton springs green belt

We got to wondering if there might be water in the creek since Austin took on around 9 inches of rain during Hurricane Harvey last weekend. We only got a little bit of the storm considering ten miles away in Bastrop they got around 20 inches and Houston is still under water. Unfortunately for us, whatever water that flowed early last week in the creek bed has since dried up and moved on. We did get to find a few tadpoles and go to play pirates on the rocks which always makes these afternoon strolls so much fun.

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Hurricane Harvey

August 30, 2017 by Ricky Coburn in Austin, Featured, News & Info with 0 Comments


The Texas coast took a hurricane right on the chin a couple of days ago. It has since turned into a Tropical Storm  that it bringing down pours every couple of hours. We are only getting a little bit of the storm considering some of the other towns just east of us. Either way we are doing our best to stay dry…. well kind of.

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Back to School

Back to School

It happened so fast, not just the summer, but the entire year. Eli is off to second grade, Isabel is off to kindergarten, and in a couple of weeks Riley will be off to Mothers-Day-Out a couple of days a week. I have to be honest, sometimes I get a little sad thinking about how fast they are growing up and changing while other times I think that they are not growing up fast enough.

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The lake house

August 15, 2017 by Ricky Coburn in Austin, Featured, News & Info with 0 Comments


We were able to get away for a little trip to a lake house up in East Texas about two hours outside of Dallas. The house was very accommodating to say the least, right on the water with a boathouse and bedroom built over the lake. The kids got do the kind of fishing that makes fishing fun when you are a kid. Throw a hook out in the water and watch a Blue Gill swim up and take your bait. We use to do do the same thing as kids of of the house boat at Lake Powell and I still remember it being one my favorite things to do.

We went to the lake house with my sister and her three boys and my dad came out to join for the afternoon to play around with a bunch of his grand kids. That also meant that we got to use my dads boat which made for a couple of days of inter-tubing for the kids and little skiing for the old man.
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Austin Summer 2017


From swimming holes to early morning hikes, this summer has been a handful of southern thrills, or so they say. The heat, the heat makes itself known in ways that people in the tropics have yet to experience. The dirt soaks in the heat much better than the sidewalks do making most of the summer afternoons an air conditioned adventure, traveling from one freon blower to the other.

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Riley’s Second Birthday

Riley's Second Birthday

For the past two years we have been celebrating Riley’s Birthday with Lyndsey’s family in Oklahoma. We haven’t live close enough to our families to celebrate our kid’s birthdays in the past with them so we are trying to take advantage of the situation while we still can.

Since both Eli and Isabel’s birthdays fall during the school year it makes it a little more difficult to get away so we have been celebrating their birthday’s with their friends from school. Riley, only being two years old, doesn’t really have friends from school yet, so turning her birthday into a ‘visit family trip’ has been a nice alternative.

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