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Holiday Parade Downtown

November 27, 2016 by Ricky Coburn in Austin, Family, Featured, News & Info with 0 Comments


We have been taking advantage of being closer to our families and have been trying to do the 4-8 hour drive every month in half or so to visit my dad & Lyndsey’s parents. We got back just in time from celebrating Thanksgiving with both sets of parents to see Austin’s Big Balloon Parade. Although it was nothing like the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, it was really excited to see a ‘real’ parade with the kids.

We have visited a few different parades in the past, like the fourth of July Parade, and our old OB Christmas parade, both fun and both parades, but a little bit different than a well organized parade with floats, balloons and characters from all colors of the rainbow. Lyndsey commented that this were her first ‘real parade’ ever.

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Costumes & Candy

October 31, 2016 by Ricky Coburn in Family, Featured, News & Info with 0 Comments


This was the kids first official Halloween back in the States, and to Lyndsey, this makes it their first official Halloween. We celebrated in Costa Rica, but it was quite a bit different, lacking one major thing that makes Halloween so exciting for kids in the States and that is trick or treating.

Eli got to go trick or treating when he was a baby, but he has no recollection as he was around Riley’s current age. So needless to say this was the kids first time trick or treating and they loved it. I mean, what is not to love about it. Start out the night at a party down the street, get a bunch of candy than head home and walk door to door to collect more candy. I can tell until Christmas, this will be their new favorite holiday.

Isabel wanted to be Bell from Beauty and the Beast, so I went ahead and dressed up as the beast, at least for the first part of the night I did.

Lyndsey decided to go with the Pokemon theme for her and Eli’s costumes. Eli wanted to be Ash, one of the main characters in Pokemon, so Lyndsey went as a girl from team rocket, another character in the series. Riley was suppose to be the Pokemon Pikachu,  however she broke out in a rash that day and didn’t want to wear a costume.


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Fall Festivles

October 22, 2016 by Ricky Coburn in Family, Featured, News & Info with 0 Comments


Well the kids have definitely been getting their share of fall festivals this season as it is our first Fall Season back in the states for a while. To be quite honest, San Diego didn’t rally have a fall time, considering there is only one real season in Southern California. That doesn’t mean that they didn’t celebrate fall, it just means that it is different than in an area where you actually have seasons. Sure the water cools up and the Santa Ana winds pick up, but it not the same thing as all of the leaves falling off of the trees and the weather cooling down.

I am not saying that the weather has changed much here in Austin, at least not yet. The good news is that we are able to open up the house and turn off the AC, however we have still had quite a few days in the high eighties. Soon enough we will pull out the sweaters and jackets, but until then we will try to keep the house open as much as possible.

I am excited that the kids get to travel around and enjoy new things. I do miss the jungle and I know that they do as well, but getting to experience new things, like fall festivals is something that you miss out on in tropics. We have so much to be Thankful for.

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Back to School

August 27, 2016 by Ricky Coburn in Featured, News & Info with 0 Comments

After a summer of cruising around Texas and visiting family it was finally time to get back to school for the little ones. Eli is starting first grade this year and Isabel is starting Pre-School.

It will be Eli’s second year at his elementary school down the street and Isabel’s first year. We are very excited to get Isabel into pre-school even if it is a different school than Eli’s. it will be a little more work getting them to school and picking them up but next year it will be easier. Two down, just one more to go!  Read more →

Exploring Austin & Getting Outdoors


We have been taking advantage of being close to family, at least closer than we have ever been with kids. One of those perks is using my father’s RV that he has sitting in his yard. He is only four hours away so we decided to keep it for the summer so that we could get the kids out. It is pretty hot in Austin in the summer, but I have to say so far it hasn’t seamed that brutal. I guess spending the last few years in the tropics has toughened us up towards the heat.

I have to apologize again because I have been so busy with this new project that I do not have time to keep up on this blog. That doesn’t mean that we haven’t been getting out an enjoying the area and all that Austin has to offer, it just means I haven’t had the time to write about it.  It’s a good thing that our iphones make taking pictures so easy or these memories would just slip right by.

Things have been going really well  with the new project and we hope to have our betta version available in Austin by next month. Fingers crossed, if all goes well. I have faith in the developers that we have working on it right now, but only so much. After getting shafted by their CEO who decided to walk away from the company we have had to make changes to our summer vacation plans so I can be more available. Instead of heading to the coast for a couple weeks like we had planned, we decided to do local camping excursions in the area to see what was available.

Austin has some nice areas to camp, for U.S. standards I would give them a 4 (out of 10), but for Texas standards they are a 7 or 8. The places we have visited are next to small rivers, or large creeks and get pretty crowded. We have learned to adjust and enjoy what we have available and so far we have been having a good time.

McKinney Falls State Park




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Fourth of July in the South



This was our first 4th of July in the States since we have been back so we had fun taking advantage of the local activities. We started out the day at a local make-shift neighborhood parade which basically consisted of some Scout and dance troops riding their bikes with patriotic colors. After that we barbecued some burgers and brats at the neighbors house and listened to bad 90’s music why the kids played in the water.

I would have to say that it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t like the ones in Huntington beach when I was a kid, or the parties that our friend Cowboy would throw in Ocean beach when Lyndsey I were first married, but it didn’t need to be. It was our girls first 4th of July in the States, and Eli’s first one that he will remember and we did it up just right, as some might say in the south.

















Fat pale and finding time

I have to admit that there have been so many changes that took place in the last 6 months of our lives that I lacked both the time and motivation to keep track. I realize that the freedom I allot myself to keep up this blog up is a luxury and something that is effected when I no longer have the same amount of free time.

When I had the time I became so involved with making videos or podcasts that when time was limited I forgot the simple things, like uploading pictures and writing about the experience. For this I apologize to myself and my family in advance. The fact that this has become a journal of our experiences, reminds me that gaps in the sequence will only become more disappointing as time passes. For this reason I told myself to take a day off of work and focus on getting caught up on the blog. If not for today, for tomorrow.


I guess there is some catching up to do, so I will do my best to bring us up to date. Shortly after Riley was born, last June, a friend of mine that I met in Santa Teresa asked me to help him with an idea he had for a new project. My buddy was from Australia and is a consultant to a SaaS company out of Brisbane. I met him a few years back when he needed some help with some front-end web development for his client and I had been working with him ever since.
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Saturday Morning Swim

Playe Hermosa
It is nice to get out of the house and spend time with the kids on Saturday mornings. It is a good thing that we all like going to the beach because without that our options might be limited. The beach on the other hand offers a whole new slew of things that we can do. Depending upon the tide and the weather  we can either ride waves, play in the trees, swim in the tide pools, go snorkeling, boogy boarding, surfing, dig for clams, make sand castles… well I am sure that you get my point.

This morning we went down around mid-tide. Most of the rocks were covered up except for some of the ones closets to the treeline. We found a little pool to play in and go for a morning swim together.

Playe Hermosa

Playe Hermosa

Eli’s 6th Birthday

IMG_6816Eli turned six last week, and that means that we had a great reason to celebrate his life, and our lives all week. Early in the week we were in the city doing some work on Baby Riley’s US birth certificate at the US Consulate, so we were able to pick up some gifts for his to open up early while we were there.

On his birthday he got another gift from his Grammy that she brought down a couple of months back when his little sister was born, then he got to celebrate at school with all his mates. On Friday we had a proper, or at least jungle-proper party for his at the beach with his friends from school and the hood. We then rested on the weekend.

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Día del Niño (kid’s day) in Costa Rica

Kids Day Mal Pais

Children’s day (Día del Niño) in Costa Rica is celebrated on September 9th. When it falls on a school day, which it does more often than not, the kids get to celebrate like it is a holiday. At Eli’s school each parent buys a gift for their kid and they all get to open them at one time.

I remember when I was a kid I use to ask my dad why there wasn’t a kid’s day. We had a father’s day and a mother’s day, but no kid’s day. He told me that every day was kid’s day, and it wasn’t until I was a father that i totally understood what that meant.

In Costa Rica, kids day is special because many of the kids are not do not have as much things, toys, electronics etc, or in other words they are not as spoiled as their neighbors a few countries north. They pretty much only get gifts on their birthday or holidays, not just for listening or shortening a tantrum. This makes it special to get a new toy or game. This year our kids got a new mask and snorkel, next year a net, and then a spear, after that they go get fresh fish… I kind of like kids day.
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