Big Fat Stinker

So our dog likes to eat. Well that might be an understatement. Our dog, likes to eat allot. He likes to eat so much that if he finds food he will eat as much of it that he can until he gets sick. Then he mopes around and wines for a couple of days until his body digests and passes everything he just devoured. We have learned to add locks/latches to all of our cabinets because Fatso, aka. Judah, will wait until he is home alone and then help himself to anything he can get his paws on. In one week he devoured, three loaves of bread, a couple of packs of tortillas and two bags of chips. We finally agreed we were losing this battle so we figured out how to latch the cabinets shut with a loose nail. Once he couldn’t get into our pantry anymore he started to look for new options. We keep some extra kibble on hand, just in case we run out of raw food for him, and he found out how to get to that. This was a little more complicated because not only did he figure out how to open the bottom cabinet, but he also figured out how to undo two latches on the Tupperware container to get his food out. All this from a dog that doesn’t know the command STAY for longer than 10 seconds. So that’s all cute and annoying, especially when you have to hear him moan and groan as he embarks upon a night of having to empty his bowls twice an hour for the next 12 hours.

The other day our folks were in town visiting from Oklahoma. Now Judah and his Gammy (Lyndsey’s mom) have a special relationship. He likes her so much that whenever she is in town he manages to forget everything that he has learned and turn into a Anarchist puppy, complete with wagging tale and mad slobber. It is when Gammy is in town that his skill level as an Anarchist dog goes up a couple of notches. In the past he has taken drugs by helping himself to her meds, learned the art of opening a refrigerator without a thumb, and also learned how to unpack Gammy’s bag that just might have some food, treats or more drugs in it. As soon as he hears her voice his ears perk and he goes into overdrive, so needless to say it wasn’t too much of a surprise that he figured out how to brake into the cabinet and managed to eat over 5 lbs of his dog food the day she got in.

Now, believe it or not, but this post isn’t even really about our Anarchist dog and his neurotic relationship with his Gammy. This post is about what happened the night we had to leave the back door open so he could use the bathroom without having to wake us up. We said goodnight to the folks and then went to lay down ourselves around 10pm. At about 12am we start to hear dog crying form outside. We got up to see what it was and Judah decided to hop the gate and climb up to the roof, even though he had no way of getting down. A little adventurous for a sick dog, but whatever, we have yet to mistake him for being too smart or anything like that. After lying down for another hour we start to hear him barking around 1am. Lyndsey jumped up to see what it was then all of the sudden I heard the back door slam. He got sprayed by a skunk, and everything was starting to smell. This wasn’t the first time this happened so we knew not to let him into the house. Now it was tough luck for the Puppy, he was going to spend the rest of the night outside.

Later on that night, or early the next morning, we decided to check on him. He had spent a good portion of the night trying to rub the oil off of his face, so his face was covered in Mud. He looked kind of cute but more pathetic. We walked him around the house to the hose and started washing him. Now we learned last time that tomato juice just doesn’t work. So don’t use it it is a waist of time. The only thing that it does is cover the smell to you. You may feel after a few hours that the skunk smell is gone, but if a friend comes over they can assure you that not only does your house reek like skunk, but it also reeks like tomato juice as well. The best thing to use we have found is a home made concoction of 1 Quart of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (fresh and unopened). 1/4 cup of Baking Soda. 1 teaspoon of Liquid Soap. We wash him while mixture is still bubbling. Then we rinse him water and repeat if necessary. This mixture is good for around 20 minutes before the chemicals start loosing their power. We gave him a couple of baths around 10 minutes apart and the smell pretty mush dissipated that morning. Unfortunately for us he managed to find where the skunk sprayed in the yard and rubbed in it again later that afternoon, but that wasn’t nearly as bad as the actual spray itself.

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