Big Egg Small Egg

Small Chicken Egg

Big Egg Small Egg, what comes next.. most likely molting. I think that Blanch are Barred Plymouth Rock may be going into her 3rd molt. The small egg, and then the extra feathers may be a tale tale sign that she is ready to shed out of her old feathers into a nice new coat.  The process should take between six to nine weeks, and her egg production will pretty much diminish until she is done.

The next few weeks are going to be pretty difficult for her as she will pull out every single feather, exposing her bare skin, and grow in new ones. The new ones will come in looking like needles in a pin cushion. She will slow down her eating and normal activities as her cycle changes inside to produce the new feathers. We will start supplementing some more protein in her diet to help her through the molting process.

One year we almost lost one of our hens while she was molting. Dorothy our Golden Wyandotte  who  since passed away due to something totally unrelated, was molting one year and the neighborhood hawk took notice to her lame looking condition. Assuming that she would be an easy target the hawk swooped in to fetch her out of a bush. We had no idea it was hawk until I went digging around trying to find the screaming hen. It was a close call but she was fine.

We will keep an eye on Rose our Rhode Island Red because if I can recall correctly, her and Blanch usually start molting around the same time. It looks like we will have allot of new feathers for our compost bin 😉


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