Bats, Thunderstorms, and Paperwork

eliSo Costa Rica has been quite the adventure so far! Living in a country that is literally crawling with all types of life has it’s ups and downs. Rainy season has been in effect for over a month now and I have to say I really don’t mind it at all, in fact, I almost prefer it. At our mountain house in Atenas we enjoy beautiful sunny mornings giving us enough time to get all of our errands done, and awesome thunderstorms in the afternoons or evenings. The rains vary in severity from light sprinkles to outright downpours but no matter the intensity, all of them produce amazing thunder! I will miss viewing the gorgeous lightning shows almost every night from our floor to ceiling windows above the rain forest in Atenas, but the view is almost more magnificent watching it miles over the ocean from our bed by the beach.

With all this rain comes way more plant life as well. Almost everything has something growing on it, even rocks, concrete and the branches of the trees themselves. It is so beautiful to see, another bonus of the rainy season; The downside being the humidity. When we moved to the beach house I realized after the 2nd day their that I have never been more sweaty in my entire life! I mean SOAKING, and I’m not even the kind of person to break a sweat unless I am hardcore working out, but it’s been wet. You get used to it though. Eli took the brunt of it when he came down with a gnarly case of heat rash all over his trunk and face, probably due to the lack of A/C in his room because we couldn’t find the remote… Thank GOD we found that!

For the past week we’ve been staying at our house in the mountains getting some business done with the Embassy and Immigration offices and whatnot. Surprisingly things have been going rather smoothly and we’ve only had a few hiccups getting things in order to process our residency. We’ve had multiple appointments with doctors, the U.S. Embassy, the mechanic (everything is good, just routine maintenance and upkeep for these crazy roads, besides he comes to our house and charges insanely low rates for his time and parts) and other miscellaneous appointments to obtain all the necessary paperwork for our residency applications.

When we arrived to this house from the beach we were worried that our maid Myra hadn’t shown up the day before because it would be a madhouse had she not. Not only did we leave in a mad rush for the ferry the morning we took off a couple weeks prior, but the amount of insects and lizards that call our house home is astonishing. Not to mention BATS! Well, the bats don’t live IN the house but they do live right outside our bedroom. These pesky rascals kept us up all night at first but now that we have a newborn we can pretty much sleep through there incessant shrieks and sounds but there guano (bat sh*t) is the worst!

So everything has been going pretty well, aside from the occasional hiccup. Pictures of this post coming soon…

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