Backyard Garden Update

I shot the following video this morning from our Backyard. We have been crafting around in our spare time working on the aquaponics garden, finishing up the new chicken coop ad-on as well as building a new rabbit hutch for Dexter, our newest family member.

I am excited to report that all of our gardens are doing rather well. I am sure that most of this has to do with the fact that the sun has actually been out quite a bit more this summer than the past few. The mild Southern California Coastal temperature also gives the plants the ability to thrive. The fish have been doing well also, we should have a few ready for some fish tacos in the next couple of weeks.

The following video was taken a couple of weeks a go during feeding time:

You can see that they have no problem eating, I call them our “little piggies” when Eli and I feed them together. I have been feeding these larger Tilapia a home made food mixture of 3 parts Trout Chow, 2 parts Hemp Seed, and 1 part flax seed. I leave 75% percent of the trout chow whole, and grind the other 25% for the smaller feeders. The hemp seed and the flax seed I chop up in the coffee grinder to a rough powder, this way the fish are able to break it down in their stomach. We also give them a feeding of the duck weed once a day and chicken crumble once a week for a little extra protein.

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