Artichoke Arrival

After waiting many months for our ginormous artichoke plant to do something other than take up 85% of our center garden, I noticed a little artichoke sprouting from the center today. The plant had gotten so big that my Mom had commented that it looked like the plant from the “Little Shop of Horrors” movie! Ricky had been getting a little impatient and thought there might be something missing, like it needed to cross pollinate with another plant or something. But lo and behold we now have 1 medium size artichoke in the center surrounded by 3 smaller ones.

2 thoughts on “Artichoke Arrival

  1. I love it!! I didn’t think it got cold enough in SD to grow artichokes.

    Your artichoke is just like our pineapple. I was thinking that I was doing something wrong because it wasn’t producing anything…then, low and behold a pineapple! 🙂 haha

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