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Sometimes the kids can get a little rambunctious if they do not have anywhere to direct their energy, heck sometimes I get a little intense if I don’t know where to direct my energy either. So needless to say when mom is away for the day, two wild kids and one antsy dad can be a recipe for disaster, that is unless we have a fun day planned with different activities.

Yesterday we had a daddy kiddo day so Lyndsey could have time to work on some tropical flower arrangements for a wedding. We decided that we would spend the day burning some of our creative energy in as many different ways as we could find possible. We started the morning out by going to the beach playing in the shore-break and building sand castles. After we were done we walked around the beach and found some pieces of drift wood that we could paint later on.

That afternoon, while I was preparing dinner the kids got busy painting their pieces of drift wood with all kinds of creative designs and colors. They loved every moment of it, locating their canvas, finding their inspiration and then manifesting it into a creative piece of art.Kids Fun

Painting Wood

Painting Scrap Wood

Painting His Name

Painting Scraps

Baby Artist

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