Another Day Older

30th birthday

So it happened, I finally hit the big 30! Hard to believe my twenties are behind me and I’m starting a new decade with a new Country to call home and a new baby on the way. My birthday was wonderful, maybe not the big fiesta I would have had living in San Diego, but perfect for the preggo early-to-bed me. Eli slept in a little and then Ricky took care of him most of the day which is ALWAYS nice! They hung the Happy Birthday banner I made a couple of years ago and made me a couple of adorable birthday cards. Ricky made me a super yummy typical Costa Rican breakfast with casado (rice and beans mixed together) eggs over easy, fried plantains, and homemade salsa. YUM!

costa rica air plants

After breakfast we took a walk down the hill to town and collected air plants from the trees on the side of the road. The above picture is a few we brought home and “planted” on our own tree. I have a memory of my grandma buying these plants at seashell shops on our vacations to the Gulf of Mexico in little seashells with magnets for your fridge. They would look pretty for a few months and then would turn brown and die. Instead of throwing them out my resourceful grandma would take them out and spray paint them green, they never did look the same though!

Once we got to town I had an appointment at Centro Holistico for a massage with Kattia. Although she didn’t speak any English we were able to communicate with my rudimentary Spanish and pointing and gesturing what she would like me to do. Although it was not the best massage i’ve ever had, it felt wonderful to be pampered a little on my birthday, not to mention it was about $25 for a whole hour.

After that we walked to the Friday morning farmers market and picked up some local goodies. We got cookies, pineapples, cilantro, starfruits, apples, and even some authentic homemade German sausages that were delicious! I also picked out a birthday orchid for our porch that is mounted on a piece of wood and has beautiful purple blooms on it.

birthday gift

On our way to the taxis we stopped inside a little bakery and picked up a small chocolate cake with chocolate icing and lots of sprinkles for our “birthday party” before bed.  Later that night we went out to dinner at Antanos and had a delicious meal with arroz de camarones (seasoned rice with shrimp) a casado con pescado (rice and beans with fish). Antanos is a beautiful restaurant situated in an old house that has been there since 1931 and is very close to the central park.

I am so blessed to have such an amazing life and I would have never dreamed that I would be where I am now only a few years ago. Now i’m looking forward to our 10 year anniversary later this year!



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