12 Rustic Activities for Kids

Activities for Kids

School’s Out For Summer….

The kids are on summer break, well at-least Eli is. Isabel hasn’t started school yet so she really doesn’t have anything to be on break from. Over the past couple of weeks we have been been coming up with different activities for our kids to keep them stimulated while they are on break.

I feel that I should mention that it really isn’t considered a summer break in Costa Rica, like it would be in the Northern Hemisphere. That is because we are technically in the rain season, which is considered winter in the tropics. The break will last for three weeks then Eli will be back in class. He will continue to be in the same grade until his actual summer break, in December.

Different Activities for Kids Home on Break

Eli has been having friends over and has been spending a lot of time at the beach. Between getting tossed in the waves, jumping off of logs and playing with his legos, it is hard to say where the time has gone. Isabel on the other hand has been tagging along in full little sister style.

Kids playing in the tide pools

The kids burning some of that mid-day energy

It has been a typical break filled with a handful of daily activities. Some might feel that our options are limited in the jungle as to how to keep the kids busy and entertained over the break. It is true that we do not have libraries, museums or a handful of parks to choose from, but we do have plenty of opportunities to keep them entertained and their minds stimulated if we use our imaginations. Sometimes all that you need to do is start something, and let the kids use their creativity to finish it.

For example, I started a Tipi fort for the kids the other day by binding four pieces of bamboo together at the top and wrapping a couple of sheets around it. The kids decided to add more sheets, a floor, then turned it into a design studio to work on their crafts. Later that day it doubled as a nursery for the doll’s to sleep in. I spent 20 minutes starting something for them, and their mom and I got 3 hours of quiet time why they played in it. I would say that was time well spent.¬† Below are some of the activities that we have been doing with our kids over the break


12 Rustic Activities for young kids home on break (in the Jungle):

  1. Coloring/Painting (in books or on blank paper or banana leaves)

  2. Nature Hikes (make a list of things to find on the hike I.E.; coconut, iguana, red bird etc)

  3. Indoor Crafts (w/paper & scissors)

  4. Beach Time

  5. Rest Time (They will need this with all the activities)

  6. Reading Time (either read to them or have them try to read to you)

  7. Outdoor Crafts (w/play-doh or paint)

  8. Video Time (Watch a favorite DVD or video on Netflix)

  9. Build Forts (Inside if it is raining, outside if it is nice)

  10. Play Dates (Have friends over, and send them over to a friends)

  11. Play in Yard (chase chickens or dogs)

  12. Help With Cooking & Chores (It shouldn’t be all fun & games teaching them responsibility is important. That is not to say that you can’t make cooking and chores fun for them)

Toddler running on beach

baby on the run, having fun at the beach


a dog's life

The dogs looking guilty for not staying outside like they were told

local gardeners

The neighbors gardeners 

Kids Face

Getting ready for a nap

enjoying smoothies

Cooling down with fresh fruit smoothies

little isabel

New beach outfit complete with sparkle shoes

kids in the rain

Playing in the Rain

Beach outfit

Ok, let’s hit the beach

american bull dog
Happy Puppy

Jungle Activities

bamboo tipi

photo 3

4 pieces of babmboo, some hemp twine and sheets

kids activities
craft time in the tipi


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