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Have you have ever thought about selling all of your possessions and moving to another a country with only the bags that you can check in on your flight? If you have, then you might find our story interesting.

We move from San Diego with our young child and dog. Five years later we have three kids two dog’s and move again to Austin, Texas for a business opportunity. Follow our family adventures from a small jungle beach town at the end of a dirt road in a town called Bad Country to wherever it is we end up next.

As entrepreneurs and travelers we discover a life that caters to both while we pave our own path with our young family. Over the pages of this blog we grow from a young couple into a family with kids, dogs, gardens and plenty of adventures that keep this life interesting.


We enjoy art, music, organic gardening, sailing, surfing and going on family adventures.

Follow the Sun..

We started this blog in 2007 to keep a digital journal for ourselves and as a way share our lives with our family members and friends whom we do not get to see that much. Since then we have moved from a small beach town in San Diego to an even smaller beach town on the Southern Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, then back to the states to fund our lifestyle.

Most of what happens in our life these days takes place during the day. We wake up with the sun and fall asleep shortly after it sets. With that being said, most of what one might read about on this blog is about how we spend our days, following the sun.

Disclaimer: This should go without saying but  under no circumstances do we feel that in any way we are experts in the topics that we discuss here on Pura Vida Culture. For example we live in Costa Rica, but we are not experts on how to live or move, we only talk about how we did it. We love to organic garden and grow fish and chickens along with our vegetables, however we are in no way experts on organic gardening or aquaponics, we can only share what we have learned and how we do it.

Latest News:

Central Texas Fall Garden – Planting the Vegetables

Central Texas Fall Garden – Planting the Vegetables

According to the Farmers Almanac, there are a few different vegetables that you can plant in Central Texas in September. That means that if..

September 10, 2017
Central Texas Fall Garden – Prepping the Soil

Central Texas Fall Garden – Prepping the Soil

For the past couple of years I was so busy with a project that I didn’t have the time to grow our own food. It was something that I..

September 9, 2017
Kids on Wheels

Kids on Wheels

Over the summer we got to get out and practice riding our bikes in the morning before it got too hot. The kids really enjoy playing on..

September 9, 2017
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