A Day at the Park

Lately Eli and I have been visiting the baby park down the street every morning before the big kids show up. He is loving the swing and the slide the best.

A couple of days ago we started “Ferberizing” him. Which means letting him cry it out in his crib until he falls asleep. Up until now he had been co-sleeping with us in our bed which worked great when he was young, but is not so ideal know that he is older. The first night he cried for an hour before he went down for the entire night. WOW, we thought, this is awesome, he has NEVER slept through the entire night! The following night he cried for all of 2 minutes before he went down and “STTN”.

On the downside, he has not been napping during the day which makes for a VERY unhappy and cranky and CLINGY baby. Bummer.

At this age they can go through a phase called separation anxiety, and he definitely is. He won’t let “Mama” go anywhere without him, preferably holding him the entire time. But I love this boy, and I know it is just a phase. Pretty soon he’s not going to want me to hold him and cuddle him so he can go and do his own thing.

Time is flying by.

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