8 Year Anniversary

Eight years ago today Lyndsey’s parents Vicky and Gary Cauthen, my parents Rick and Denise Coburn along with  my twin sister Cristi and her husband Kevin Sutton joined us in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica to celebrate our wedding on the beach. Kevin captured some video that we have kept over the years. Last year we finally had it converted from VHS to DVD. This year I converted it from DVD to WMV so that I could share it with others. We lost the audio through the conversions, however we still have it on the original DVD conversion which will be nice to have down the road.

We have two wedding anniversaries that we celebrate together. You see at the time the only way to get married in Costa Rica was either through the Catholic Church or a Lawyer. My father married away his other two kids so we wanted him to perform the ceremony for us as well, we just wanted to do it in Costa Rica. Because he is not Catholic Priest, nor a Costa Rican lawyer we decided to do the legal stuff in the states. So Lyndsey I ran off to Las Vegas and had a private ceremony with just her and I on September 19th.  Then on November 10th we had small spiritual ceremony on the beach to share with our family. It was such a special day, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

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