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renegade-sailor-314#6) Permaculture Conversation With Adrian Fisher

In the sixth installation of the Renegade Sailor Podcast, I take a stab at the art of conversation with Permaculture specialist Adrian Fischer. Adrian and I talk about homescale gardening and some of the basic concepts about permaculture. I also talk about being a jack of many and master of none and how I have learned to make the best out of it. Plus I attempt to scratch the surface on the GMO debate.

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Permaculture Conversation With Adrian Fisher | Podcast Episode 6


Jack of many master of none, the confessions of an entrepreneur.

Jack of all trades, master of none” is a figure of speech used in reference to a person that is competent with many skills, but spends too much time learning each new skill that he/she can not become a master in any particular one. wiki

I think that learning how to do a lot of things can be way more beneficial than learning how to do one thing real great. At least I try to explain why I feel this way and how I have benefited from becoming good at different things but not great at anything in particular. Without the gift and advantage of natural talent, be it sports or business, I still have always found away to solve problems and pick up a few skills along the way.


This episode features my first attempt at having a conversation with someone else, while recording it and knowing that I would like to use it as a form of audio media for myself and others to consume. A big part of this episode is dedicated to my conversation with Adrian Fischer, a permaculture Specialist who had spent much of his time in Venezuela and and the North East United States. In our conversation we cover a variety of topics pertaining to home-scale gardens and some of the basic concepts behind permaculture. We end the conversation with a vision I have for the future where organic are farms are moved indoors utilizing state of the art features derived from permaculture.

Urban Fish Farmer
Costa Rican Permaculture Forests
Hawaiian Permaculture Forests
Symphony of the Soil
Soil For Food
Bio Nutrient


I don’t support GMO’s but I also don’t knock the science as much I use to. My problem comes from the way the main players play the game. There may be an argument behind trying to keep their science a secret from other nations, but taking on the public for wanting them to label their products leaves the playing field open for any interpretation for their actions not matter how left field it may be. There may be a solution that starts with each commercial grower that is GMO free, and those with the ability to spread the word.

Food INC
Kevin Folta
Non GMO Project

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  1. I listened to them all. I really enjoyed them – informative, entertaining, great musical tastes. Easy on the ears. More? You really should

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