5AM Wake Up Call is Just Monkey Business

The rains have started, that is to say that we have received a few showers off and on over the past couple of weeks. With the rains come some of the seasonal fruits. In this part of of the world that means the mangoes and the cashews are ripe, that also that means the monkeys have moved in. In the back yard we have a family of howlers that have taken over a mango trees and in the front yard the Capuchin have taken over the cashews. Wake up call in these parts is around 5 am when the howlers start their morning calls.

We have an ongoing rule around this house that the kids, I.E.; Isabel, is not allowed to get out of bed in the morning until we hear the howlers. This use to buy us a little time from the 4am wake up call we would get from her every morning. The 5am wake-up call isn’t much better, but at least the sun is starting to come up and it is no longer dark outside.





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